Rubber Boom

Coming to AppStore in April 2014

Survive and thrive in the Amazon!

Rubber Boom is a real-time strategy game that takes place in the early 20th Century Amazon jungle.  Establish a thriving rubber collecting business in this fierce environment.

It is the beginning of the 20th century. Amazon Forest is the center of attention for the giant industrialists . Rubber is very important for car tires and textile products. And the only source is the Rubber Trees, only found in the Amazon Forest.  Since Rubber trees are randomly scattered in the deep jungle, collecting rubber means a great challenge against wild animals and starvation.

Rules are very simple: "Collect rubber and sell it to the passing boats." In the meantime, be careful with the wild birds, Indians, snakes and many other challenges. Plan your route according to your food reserve and look for ways to get additional food on the way.

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Volcano Island

Once a quiet peaceful heaven, our island is now under the threat of its volcano. Your task is to move the inhabitants to safer places.

Volcano Island is a turn-based strategy game. Before the eruption of the volcano, the island is gradually sinking beneath the ocean. Your challenges are wandering sharks and octopuses. Also there are some people who can't swim. You should accompany them with swimming ones.

Each task is composed of 3 levels. In each level, you have different challenges and tools. And there are 5 different islands to play with.

In trial mode, you can play with "Banana Island" - Level 1.

We know that the game rules are not easy to learn at once. To make things a bit easier, we provided a very comprehensive and easy-to-read help. Volcano Island is one of the few sophisticated games on mobile platforms that can provide you the lasting fun and playing experience even after months or years of playing.

Save the islanders before the eruption!

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Knight's Tour

If you’re not familiar with this puzzle, you’ll have a quite restless time before solving it. Rules are simple: Move as the “knight” in chess and fill all the board. Rules are easy but the solution is not. There are multiple approaches to solve this enigma. Develop yours and have fun!

Solve by yourself and challenge your friends by sharing it.

This classical game is polished with smooth graphics, music, sound and visual effects. Please keep in mind that, you can use “settings” to customize your experience.

Its free, enjoy!

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Volcano Island - Press Release

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Knight's Tour
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25 July, Volcano Island v.1.1 iPad, iPhone

18 August, Volcano Island v.1.2 iPad, iPhone



Now  we're working on a road racing game. It's expected to be ready in fall 2011.

We'll share the details after the prototype is ready.

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